About us

Agency’s Profile

We safeguard public security, adapting our professional security services to serve the needs of each of our clients.
Our approach aims to understand and develop solutions that are tailored to each client’s needs.   We are able to come and meet our clients on location to better understand and analyze their needs, give advice and offer personalized security services.
Our clients feel safe throughout the duration of their contracts thanks to the management structure that we have put in place with their best interests in mind.  This structure allows us to monitor each project on an ongoing basis.  A manager is assigned to each contract in order to make any necessary changes, adjustments or additions.

Our security guards provide an unparalleled service.  They are carefully chosen and hired according to pre-established recruitment criteria including methods which encourage discussion, analysis and understanding of deviant behaviours. These methods allow our guards to prevent and significantly diminish aggressive behaviour.  Brutality and the excessive use of force are no longer an acceptable means.
They adapt to their work environments and focus on the preventive aspects of security.  We offer surveillance and security for facilities, goods and individuals depending on the context.
Nexus Security’s guards have a reputation for being respectful, honest, alert and helpful.  They are worthy of being recommended because of their observational and analytical capabilities, their discreet and efficient handling of security incidents, and their impeccable customer service skills.


Our mission is summed up by the name of our business. In Latin, Nexus means connection, a place where multiple elements come together.  We build relationships and create experiences where everyone wins: our clients, their projects and their clientele.
We excel at providing security services tailored to the needs of our clients.


Above all, our vision is to build strong and trusting relationships with our clients.  We place a high level of importance on client satisfaction, which we ensure by analyzing and understanding expectations so we can personalize our services.

We are known for the professionalism of our personnel and for providing reliable and efficient services.  Our security agency has frequently been praised for its flexibility and responsiveness to last minute requests.