A supervisor is required when there are more than two (2) guards assigned to a location.  The presence of the supervisor facilitates collaboration and ensures that operations are carried out smoothly and with discipline.  The role of the supervisor is to establish a link between the security guards and the client’s specific needs.

Security Guards

Nexus Security provides uniformed guards to provide security and surveillance services for individuals, goods and facilities. Our security services are based on prevention and dialogue.  Quick reaction times enable our guards to defuse various security incidents and restore order, using coercive measures when necessary.


The role of the inspector is to monitor the work of our employees and ensure that operations are carried out smoothly by all of the agents and supervisors in the field.
The inspector is on location and makes rounds in order to prepare reports for management.

Security Guard/Medical First Responder

Nexus Security also provides medical first aid services.  Some of our agents are qualified to provide these services and therefore offer a double service as a security guard and a medical first responder. In addition to providing security, these guards are able to give first aid and preventative guidance while always respecting the first aid and resuscitation guidelines.

Front Desk Agent/Concierge/Doorman

Customer service is our priority.  The goal of the front desk agent is to improve the relationship between our clients and their clientele.  Our personnel is  trained to adapt to various needs of our clients and to provide information and guidance to their residents/guests/employees. In fact, the front desk/concierge plays an essential role within an organization, while ensuring the full satisfaction of all.


Nexus Security also employs professional bouncers who have the ability to command respect while remaining discreet.  Our goal is to maintain an harmonious environment both inside and outside of an establishment in order to uphold the positive image our client. Our bouncers are able to take control of stressful situations, quickly defusing them and restoring order in a discreet manner.  Our team is courteous and is committed to providing a safe environment for you and your customers.