Why Nexus?

  • Our team is representative of our society; as a result, multicultural diversity is an integral part of the Nexus team. Most of our agents converse in both English and French in addition to other languages. Our team has the mandate to remain open minded and respectful to any individuals regardless of their ethnicity, gender, age, religion or sexual orientation at all times and in all circumstances.
  • Nexus officers are trained to be analytical and to act logically, making use of reason in decision making. In other words, our agents are capable of targeting potential problems before they arise. Our fast execution allows us to restore order in conflict situations and use coercive measures only if required.
  • Nexus Security agents can be present and discreet at the same time to suit our client’s individual needs. One of our goals is to maintain a harmonious environment, not to intimidate your clientele.
  • Nexus Security offers its customers the opportunity to be in contact with a liaison officer before, during and after the proposed contract. This agent will be available to the client upon request.
  • Our team is experienced in various environments and settings with a variety of clients in different industries. We have an engaged workforce as they are continually invited to participate in decision making as well as make suggestions to improve the quality of our service. They are committed professionals who take pride in their work, teammates and agency.